Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint

Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint

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The"MAKE MONEY SELLING TRAVEL BLUEPRINT"will be delivered to you in 10, 45-60 minute video presentation modules that are designed to be completed at your own pace, typically over a one-year time frame*:


Business Models

In this module, you will discover exactly why you are struggling so hard to make money and the tested and successful opportunities available to you to leverage your expertise so you can start working smarter without working harder.


Create a Core, Compelling Message

The most successful business owners provide a specific solution for a specific client.  When you don’t, you try to be all things to all people, spread yourself too thin and end up flat broke and exhausted.  In this module, you will discover exactly how to pick your specialty in a way that draws ideal clients to you like a magnet.  Walk away with an elevator speech that gets massive attention, new business and lots more money in your pocket.


Establish Your Marketing Foundation

Before you can put your services out there, you must have a basic platform that effectively broadcasts your core message.  It must look professional, get attention, build your list and get the phones ringing.  In this module, you will build your own marketing platform to which you will direct all your marketing efforts, so that it does much of the work for you.  At the end of this module, you will have a compelling name, successful website and great layout for your business card.

PLUS - Newly updated content from Online Marketing Expert Carmen Perez will walk you through the essential website pages for marketing your business online and the essential elements of an irresistible opt-in.


Establish Your Marketing Systems 

As a business owner, there are only so many hours in the day and you must learn to make the most of all of them.  When you market consistently, you get a consistent pipeline of new clients.  Shot gun marketing does not work in the long run.  This module will get you being MUCH more productive with your time and seeing exactly how to set up marketing systems that eventually work on auto pilot.


Build Your List Online with Effective Facebook Ads

One of the ways you will make serious money selling travel is by consistently increasing your customer base. To do that, you must be consistently expanding your reach with new prospects – both online and offline. This module contains newly updated content from Online Marketing Expert Carmen Perez on the basics of online marketing, creating your online lead funnel, Facebook and MORE to help you build your list online.


Offline List Building via Joint Ventures

The joint venture strategy is one of the most powerful and profitable strategies for securing groups by partnering with other businesses to provide value to a common customer. In this module, you will learn the entire joint venture process, including how to identify potential joint venture partners and develop a pitch that highlights the value of working with you. As an added bonus, you will have access to an interview with a travel professional who followed this strategy to secure a $200,000+ river cruise group, and then went on secure several other groups.


Relationship Building Marketing Systems

Many businesses focus only on acquiring new clients.  Those that focus on both acquiring new clients and repeating business with existing clients grow their revenues exponentially.  In this module, you will learn how to stay top of mind with your existing client base and systematize the process so that you never have to worry about losing clients to your competition again.


Create Raving Fans

The difference between a satisfied client and a raving fan to your business is HUGE.  But it doesn’t take much extra effort to create raving fans when you follow the steps you will learn in this module.  With a little extra effort and a few nice touches, you will have happy clients who are constantly referring you to their friends and family.


Know Your Numbers

Ignoring your numbers is one of the most common mistakes business owners make, but it’s also deathly.  In this module, discover how identify a clear vision of where you want to go and how you will get there.  Learn how to set clear, specific and measurable goals and then create your own roadmap to get you there.



Learn how to become aware of the beliefs that have been keeping you stuck all your life, how to finally eliminate them.  Discover how to create new beliefs that will set you free and on a path to million dollar sales each year.  In this module, you will also learn how to set clear, specific and measurable goals and create your very own roadmap to getting you there.


* The $997 purchase price gives you access to the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint PLUS all of the benefits of GIFTE Membership for one year.  Your access to the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint will continue for as long as you maintain your GIFTE Membership.  (GIFTE Membership renews annually for $197.)


Lisa Fletcher

I've been in the travel industry for 20 + year and I've never come across a program as powerful as the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint.

The MMSTB provided me with specific how-to's for setting up my marketing foundational systems so I could consistently and systematically market to my ideal clients. I never received this type of marketing support from a host agency and the Blueprint has literally changed my business and my life. One of the many marketing strategies that can be found in the Blueprint is the formula and template for a weekly ezine/enewsletter. I've been following this formula for over a year now and I get a consistent flow of inquiries and referrals from this one strategy alone. In fact, one of my clients referred me to a family member who will book a 30k trip with me and I owe the referral to the ezine. The ezine allows me to stay in front of my clients and prospects in a meaningful and authentic way. Follow what the Blueprint outlines for you and you will see results!

Lisa Fletcher
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But Wait!  That’s Not All You Will Get. I Have Thrown in Some Awesome Bonuses Too!

Special Bonus #1 ($1,200 value):

12 Months of LIVE Q&A Calls with Meredith

Bonus #1 is 12, once a month, live Q&A Calls.  Follow up is everything.  As you begin to implement what you learn in the program, you will have questions.  I want you to succeed, so I am not going to leave you hanging.  On the 3rd Tuesday of the month, you can call me, ask your questions and I will guide you.  I’ll tell you if you are on the right track and if not, how to get back there.  I’ve been known to give away million dollar ideas on these calls, so don’t underestimate the value.  You will have access to these calls for a full 12 months, so you can go at whatever pace you want.


Special Bonus #2 ($1,297 value):

FREE Ticket to LIVE, 2-day, Workshop

Free Ticket Bonus #4 is a FREE ticket to my LIVE, 2-day Workshop where you will meet with me and a room full of other travel entrepreneurs and spend 2 days giving your business a facelift.  You will walk away with a slam dunk marketing plan that will attract the luxury business you’ve always wanted.  I charge $1,297 for these retreats and you get one for FREE when you invest in this program.



Special Bonus #3 ($250 value):

Special, Members Only Forum

When you invest in this program you will connect with other, like-minded travel professionals in a profound way.  You will want to share your progress and our special, members only forum, is a fantastic tool to do that.  And by the way, surrounding yourself with support is essential to your success.  Network with all your Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint friends and make new ones too to create lasting connections and partnerships. 



In fact you get one-year access to all the great resources that come with GIFTE Membership.


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Shannon LeBlanc

My travel business has grown over 300% from last year.

One of the most important elements to my growth was the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint. When I first engaged with GIFTE in 2012, I started by investing in the Blueprint. The Blueprint provided me with very hyper focused strategies for attracting my ideal clients and assisted me in narrowing down my specialty and building a profitable business around my niche. I have referenced the Blueprint many times and go back to the multiple how-to marketing templates. The Blueprint was a game changer for me and put me on my new path for achieving my personal and professional goals. I highly recommend the Blueprint for any travel professional at any stage of their business. There is no program out there like the MMSTB and if you follow the modules and specific instructions you will see results!

Shannon LeBlanc
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By The Way, Here's My 100% Satisfaction, No-Risk To You Guarantee

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with your investment in the “Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint,” all you have to do is let us know within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money, no questions asked.  

It doesn't get much easier than that.  Try getting that from a university!

I’m making this so easy because I know, 100%, no question that this information is what you need to get to where you want to go. It's what I used and what my clients are using now and new businesses are being born everyday.

Remember, my travel business grew 100% in 2010 alone.

And, I can help you do the same…I’m just that confident.

Now, it’s up to you to take action…all you have to do is click the button below to get the lowest investment available…and you’re on your way.

See you on the other side!



P.S.  If you are wondering if it’s worth the investment of money and time…. Think about it…I want you to pause for just a moment and ask yourself, “What is 1 new, ideal client worth to me in terms of revenue?”  For most travel advisors, the answer should be AT LEAST $800, but it could be a lot more.  I will never forget the day we received final payment on our first BIG booking.  It was a check made out for just over $100,000.  Sandy and I both photo copied it and taped it to the wall above our desks, so we could look at it everyday and remind ourselves that this was the kind of business we wanted over and over and over again.

So, 1 new ideal client could be worth AT LEAST $800 in revenue or 1 new client could be worth $5,000 in revenue.  But for argument’s sake, let’s be conservative and go with $800.  That means, technically, just 1 client would cover your investment in the “Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint” program.  Pretty compelling, isn’t it.  But it gets better.

Let’s look at the lifetime value of the ideal client.  It’s safe to assume that this client might travel once a year.  And then, what about his or her referrals?  Maybe you are starting to see that your investment in the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint will be incredibly easy to recover.  And the best news is that I can’t take back what you learn.  So, the techniques, tools, systems, mindset, etc are yours for life!  Once you recover your investment, the rest is cream to you.

Even more important, what is the value of the time you will get back, no longer dealing with penny-pinching, indecisive clients?  What is the value of finally being acknowledged, trusted and respected as a professional travel advisor, doing what you love and being compensated well for it?  Think about the freedom that extra income will bring you.  Think about how fulfilled you will feel building your travel business around your “sweet spot” and focusing on how you can make a difference in other people’s lives.  

What blows my mind is that I come across travel business owners who will drop the same $997 I am asking you to invest in the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint on newspaper ads. Talk about wrong direction!  Not that newspaper ads don’t work – but you MUST learn the new rules to make sure they work.  Specifically, you must identify problems you solve and be specific about WHO you solve them for.  And if you don’t know this, your marketing will be in effective.

I know this is a great opportunity and I also KNOW you will get far better results from this program than a few newspaper ads.  I think I have demonstrated the incredible value to you right now, so all that’s left is your being willing to make a decision and take action.
If you’d like to do that and continue this journey with me, all you have to do is click the red “Buy Now” button just below me on this page!

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Janice Gross

I have finally seen the light of a niche market thanks to the GIFTE Blueprint.

After 10 years of scratching the surface I have finally seen the light of a niche market thanks to the GIFTE Blueprint. My journey also included changing to a host agency that will allow me to brand myself and not them. New agency, new website, new social media name to match.

All points of contact to the public will be the same brand instead of a confused mix of host agency, supplier and me. I'm pretty excited about it! I had a couple clients also question why the change, but none left.

Janice Gross
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